Walk (or Swim) on the Wild Side

July 2024

Make the most of your summer where the season is at its best: outside. If it’s a scorching day, rather than cranking the AC, you can try to find a cool spot in a shady forest or refreshing waters instead. This sort of outing can provide a quick recalibration and slowed-down pace that’s good for your mind and body alike. 

The American Psychology Association has found that spending time in nature can have the double benefit of giving mental health a boost and improving cognitive capacities. To get your mind and body nature-ready, check out these brands that make plenty of FSC-certified products to get you decked-out sustainably. 



Those who prefer to splash around nature’s waves rather than have firm ground beneath their feet know that this trailblazer in sustainable outdoor gear has their back, and then some. Beyond fleeces and wind-breakers, the outfitter founded in Ventura, California in 1973 helps keep folks warm during cold dips, via neoprene-free pieces made with 85% FSC-certified natural rubber. The women’s R1 lite yulex spring jane offers core coverage, while R3 yulex split toe booties and R4 yulex three finger mitts keep extremities cozy even in extreme temperatures, and the men’s R4 yulex front-zip hooded full suit locks in warmth from head to toe. 

House of Marley


If you like to add your own soundtrack to wilderness walks, these headphones will deliver crystal clear and reliable sound, as well as sleek style all wrapped up with an eco-friendly bow, thanks to FSC-certified wood detail and 99% post-consumer recycled polyester. If comfort is primordial to your listening experience, then a pair of positive vibrations XL wireless headphones should be on your shopping list. When you’re looking for the lightest possible fit, the smile Jamaica Wireless 2 are a winning featherweight, while runners or those with a brisk pace will appreciate the classic smile Jamaica wireless earphones that come equipped with a flexible neckband available in four fun colours. 



This fitness staple specialized in yoga when they opened their first store in Vancouver back in 2000. In the years since, they have continued to be a go-to for all things ohm, including in the mat department. When you’re heading out for a perfectly serene outdoor session, there’s a mat for every type of yogi. The mat 5mm Wordmark comes with a little extra cushion for the comfort-seekers out there, while the (big) mat was designed for tall participants to be able to fully stretch out, and the textured 5mm mat provides some additional grip during vigorous (i.e. sweaty) workouts. What these options all have in common, though, is that they’re made with high-quality FSC-certified rubber, along with a touch of style. 

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