Turn Your Home Office into a Tree-Friendly Space

February 2024

The COVID-19 pandemic pushed us to work from home, and many have at least partially integrated that practice into their daily schedule. Yes, that does mean you can still work in your pyjamas, but forgoing your twice-daily trek to the office also has benefits for the planet. 

Emissions from transportation make up 17% of all greenhouse gas emissions, a large chunk of that created by commuting to and from work. If you’re going to be spending more time in the office that’s steps away from your bedroom rather than a drive downtown, you might as well make it a place that’s as stylish and comfortable as the rest of your house. And there are plenty of FSC-certified products that can keep you in the forests’ good books.


When you’re looking to invest in new FSC-certified furniture for your home office, the Twist Grasscloth Rotating Desk made with sustainably sourced white oak is a great place to start. Its natural finish covered in seagrass and arrowroot grasscloth give it a light style that brings a touch of softness to your business hours.

If you’re sharing your workspace with someone else or want to create a defined zone that’s separate from your hard-at-work desk area, Molo’s paper sofblock modular room divider is your friend. These expandable pieces can stretch out up to 15 feet, meaning they’re super flexible, both in terms of FSC-certified paper and versatility. 

Though much of our reading and documents have gone digital, sometimes there’s nothing like a print copy to get a fresheye on text. You can greenify all your printing habits with the FSC-certified Xerox Bold Digital FSC-Certified Printing Paper, from contracts to reference documents and then some. 

When it comes to sustainability, West Elm goes next level with these Reclaimed Solid Pine Floating Wall Shelves that come with a wax finish, which gives them a more rugged surface texture that will age with time, as you settle into your dream office. These shelves are made from a variety of sources, including shipping pallets and can hold up to 15 lbs. No need to worry about filling them with stylish knick-knacks and photos of your favourite people, which will bring a touch of personality to your business décor.

Winter is the cold season for reasons other than temperature. Spending more time indoors and potentially in contact with people is the perfect scenario for germs to spread. That’s why you should equip your desk with a box of extra soft Puffs tissues. This FSC-certified product is designed to be soft on your skin so you can avoid winter’s signature red nose look.

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