The Key to your Sustainable Garden Party

June 2023

Garden Party

As the world is set to have its hottest summer yet thanks to global warming and a probable return of the El Niño band of warm ocean water, there’s no better time to rethink how your home can let the planet breathe a little easier.

Temperatures are rising, but that’s no reason to have your carbon footprint shoot up too. Thanks to a whole array of FSC-certified sustainable products, you can beat the heat in your own shady backyard in an environmentally friendly way—an easy step for making your next sunny get together an eco-friendly affair to remember.

How to Green Your Backyard Gathering

To infuse your outdoor set-up with a bit of beachy cool, the weathered grey finish of Pottery Barn’s Indo FSC Eucalyptus Patio Barstools will do just the trick. Their kiln-dried wood gives these perches extra strength that helps prevent any warping or cracking, along with keeping them safe from mildew build-up. The only thing missing from this set-up is a tall glass of tart and refreshing lemonade.

Though it’s designed with a function-first attitude, the Williams Sonoma FSC Wood Turner, made with American walnut and an ultra-smooth finish, also delivers a splash of elegance to your dishes. It’s versatility makes for a two-in-one tool that you can use to flip those roasted veggies on a baking sheet and then serve your pasta salad with it too.  

If extra surface area in your backyard is a concern, check out the Molo folding paper stool + bench + table that can become the FSC-certified chairs (and plenty much more) that you’re looking for. This foldable furniture created with responsibly sourced paper easily unfurls into whatever you need it to be, in five colours that can match any décor.

For a bit of vintage flair, wheel the West Elm Mid-Century Bar Cart out into your backyard for a Mad Men-worthy cocktail set-up. Get your spirits, mixers, bar wares and lots of ice (the top ingredient for a perfect drink) in a row on this piece of sustainable home furnishing designed to move around with the party. Open shelves lined with brass finishes allow you to show off the goods in style, while FSC-certified eucalyptus wood covered in a water-based acorn finish give the cart durability that will help it wheel towards plenty of parties to come.

Where there’s finger food, there’s a need for something to wipe hands on, and Bonterra paper towels’ choose-a-size sheets help your guests reduce waste as they go. If you’re dreading post-party clean-up,these Canada-made, FSC-certified goods packaged in paper (without a whiff of plastic in sigh) are a helpful green side-kick, inside and out.

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