The Brands Helping Us Make Forest-Friendly Decisions

March 2024

Everybody is constantly bombarded with brands vying for our purchasing attention, whether we’re looking for that perfect new pillow to help us sleep tight or the everyday toothbrush that keeps our chompers in tip-top shape. Fierce competition has generated overwhelming options, which can lead to choice paralysis, that dreaded feeling of indecision in the face of over-abundance. 

On average, across 23 polled countries, 71% of people agree with the statement, “I support immediate action by the government to address climate change.” While widespread state-level action is crucial in fighting the climate crisis, people can join in the effort via their shopping carts by opting for sustainable products that take the Earth’s future into consideration. Here are some of our favourite companies creating FSC-certified goods that help make shopping green a breeze. 

The Future is Bamboo

Plastic is a known major player in the manufacturing of our everyday essentials, especially in the disposable category. Along with sometimes taking thousands of years to degrade, the petroleum-based material releases polluting microplastics throughout the process. That issue is why The Future is Bamboo’s focus on creating everyday sustainable commodities with the notoriously fast-growing plant is a game changer. Bamboo shoots up 91 centimetres a day, is totally biodegradable and helps reduce deforestation. Get your hands on their FSC-certified rainbow toothbrushes for a colourful splash in your daily dental care routine. 


When it comes to creating an environment for getting your best night’s rest, the details are important, and the mattress maker Avocado has thought of every last one. Their materials, including latex, wool and cotton are all certified organic, but perhaps equally important as the materials they use is the ones they don’t. Their mattresses, protectors and pillows contain no polyurethane foams or fire retardants, so you can have sweet, toxicity-free dreams. And their renewable energy-powered Los Angeles shop and factory means that items like the green organic mattress is part of the world’s first climate neutral mattress and bedding brand. 

If You Care

Our kitchens are the site of plenty of single-use packaging waste that degrades slowly in landfill—a problem tackled by this company that created North America’s first unbleached coffee filter in 1990. If You Care has since expanded to meet a vast array of cooking, baking and cleaning needs, with sustainable products like their gloves made with FSC-certified latex. In practice, this means the natural rubber is sourced from a responsibly managed plantation with a fair trade premium. On the paper side of things, mess-free items like their FSC-certified non-stick parchment roasting bags are manufactured using unbleached, chlorine-free grease-proof paper instead of plastic. 

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