Taking Five for Yourself and the Environment

August 2023

Woman on a hammock looking out over a forest

The hot months are in their home stretch, but that doesn’t mean your green habits need to change with the season too. Some of our favourite sustainable goods can help you calmly bask in the sun while the weather is still fun. 

With this summer being the hottest on record since scientists have started keeping track, there’s no time like now to try and keep your cool with these FSC-certified products. Our strict standards prevent deforestation and degradation, which mitigates climate change and in turn helps reduce emissions. 


Revel in those warm rays while comfortably seated on Lululemon’s 5mm mat made with FSC-certified rubber—the perfect design to help you enjoy your moment of Zen to the fullest. You can find solace in the fact that this mat is made from sustainable materials and finished with an antimicrobial additive that will prevent any mold or mildew from showing up, keeping it in tip-top shape for years to come.

For sustainable shoes built for those laid-back moment’s, you can slip on Women’s Tree Loungers from Allbirds and quickly head out for that soothing walk in the woods or stroll through your favourite local park. Along with being soft on your feet, this pair is easy on the environment, with a carbon-neutral design that builds in FSC-certified TENCEL, a sugarcane-based midsole and castor bean oil insole foam.

If waves are your natural habitat for clearing your mind, then you’ll love pulling on the neoprene-free Men’s R1 Lite Yulex Long-sleeved Wetsuit Top by Patagonia. Made with 85% natural rubber, solution-dyed recycled polyester linings and solvent-free water-based glue, this item that was designed to keep you warm also lets you leave no trace in those waters you adore. So go ahead and keep your thoughts focused on the waves.

Whether you’re after a calming low-intensity hike or an immersive meditation in your bedroom, the House of Marley’s Uplift 2 Wireless Earphones can help you get into that restful zone. This lightweight pair comes with three sizes of ear tips so you can find your perfect fit, too. Built with FSC-certified wood, recyclable aluminium and a post-consumer recycled polyester cable, you’ll barely feel their presence even though they’ll transport you away via clear sound.

Forget the note taking app on your phone, when it’s time for deep relaxation, there’s nothing like putting pen to paper. The Classic Notebook from Moleskine is the perfect compact version for the job, made with paper harvested from FSC-certified forests. These pages are worthy of your deepest thoughts and ideas, all wrapped up in a hard cover to keep them guarded against life’s tumbles and temperatures.


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