Sport your Environmental Values from Head to Toe

April 2022

Man walking through forest

Started in 1970 to raise awareness about air and water pollution, Earth Day is back again on April 22. It now brings together around 1 billion participants mobilized for action in over 190 countries each year. There’s no better way to join the environmentally conscious festivities than by going into the great outdoors for a green-filled day, decked out with these FSC-certified items all made with the planet’s health in mind.

You’ll be in good company. Global Consumer Research tells us that 8 in 10 global shoppers expect their wood and paper products to be made from materials that respect habitats and don’t contribute to deforestation, so there’s no time like the present to shop FSC.


Set your own mood with the help of Smile Jamaica wireless earphones by Marley that incorporate FSC-certified wooden touches. Their noise-isolating properties help you stay in your zone, while the recyclable aluminum exterior lets you rest easier about waste. The clever design sits the pair around your neck without tangling wires or the risk of losing a bud.

When you’re looking to make waves, the fair trade-sewn Patagonia Women’s R1® Lite Yulex® Surf Shorts has your back (and backside). Thanks to its FSC-certified natural rubber, you’ll be good to go in waters as chilly as 18° C. So you can fearlessly taking the cold plunge with this bottom that provides more coverage and comfort than your average bikini.

These Men’s Tree Toppers from Allbirds, made with breathable eucalyptus tree fibres from ethically sourced FSC-certified forests, can take you far. Their super lightweight design is made to keep the air flowing through, and your feet as comfortable as can be. The sneakers’ high-top version give ankles extra support too, for those adventurous moments when you need a little extra grip, while their low-carbon-emissions castor oil and merino wool insole keeps moisture at bay.

Don’t forget to throw a Moleskine notebook into your bag to jot down memorable highlights or make the odd sketch of your day in the great outdoors—its classic hardcover comes in eight colours with a fit for every mood and pages made with pulp from FSC-certified forests.

The musically inclined can make it an afternoon to remember by bringing along a beautifully crafted Ome Cherry guitar from Martin & Co. Made with different types of FSC-certified wood, including Sitka spruce, cherry, ebony, African blackwood and mahogany, you’ll be able to strum to your heart’s content while surrounded by greenery.

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