It’s “Bring Your Sustainable Values to Work” Day

November 2022

Consumer choices are a part of every facet of our daily lives, and that includes the workspaces where we spend countless hours, year in and year out. With the help of FSC-certified products, you can more easily turn that 9-to-5 into a more forest-friendly time.

From the bigger furniture pieces central to your workflow to all the accents and details that brighten up your day, there are plenty of options that are in step with both the earth and your values.  


The human body is designed to move, and Teknion’s Navigate Height-Adjustable Desk rises to the occasion to meet its users where they need to be. With four memory settings and easy adjustment buttons, you can go from sitting to standing and back again in a flash, thanks to energy-efficient controls and a collision-detection system that always makes for smooth transitions.

The best offices incorporate personal touches that express personality and create something soothing for our eyes to settle on. The Reclaimed Solid Pine Floating Wall Shelves from West Elm do just that, as sustainable home furnishings that will easily fit into any decor, regardless of if your workspace is located downtown or stumbling distance from your living room. 

Like a magic trick, Molo’s Cantilever Table with Folding Paper Base has a now-you-see-it-now-you-don’t quality that makes it some of the most versatile FSC-certified furniture. Thanks to its 100% recyclable sturdy honeycomb structure that packs flat, you can easily store this piece and set it up when collaborative tasks are on the table.

From mid-day coffee breaks to think sessions while gazing out the window, sometimes you need to step away from your desk to a slightly more laid-back spot, and the Crate & Barrel Velvet Accent Chair has plenty of stylish cushiness to go around. Sitting (comfortably) at the intersection of Scandinavian modern design and plush details, this FSC-certified chair offers the perfect balance of support, elegance and responsible design.

Winter is just around the corner, which means every desk could use a box of Bonterra’s Facial Tissues. These carbon neutral boxes are made in Canada, manufactured without a shred of plastic in sight and come packed with 150 three-ply tissues that will have your back—and nose—throughout cold season.

Hammerhill Copy Plus FSC-Certified Paper is economical, designed to be dependably jam-free in all your office machines and made from sustainably managed forests. From copying to proofing and the occasional doodle, this versatile sheet is sure to become your go-to blank canvas.

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