Greening up for Earth Month 

April 2024

As spring stirs nature out of its slumber and we start heading back outside without layering up like astronauts, it’s the perfect time to rethink our impact on surrounding habitats. April is also Earth Month and, from the 1st to the 30th, you can join in on eco-challenges that push us to consider how we interact with ecosystems and our places within them, alongside all the other creatures that call them home. 

Before you head out to bask in the earthy freshness of a forest’s newly grown leaves or start prepping your pollinator-friendly garden, here are a few brands that can help you get geared up in the most tree-friendly way possible. 


Whether you want to live your forest love by running along its shaded trails or slowly ambling between branches, there’s a shoe made for you. From the Women’s Trail Runners SWT decked out in lively colour blocking to the sleek and easily slipped-on Men’s Tree Skippers, Allbirds has the sustainable shoes your feet are looking to fill. This New Zealand company uses an impressive list of eco-conscious materials, including Brazilian sugar cane transformed into a bouncy midsole, FSC-certified TENCEL™ Lyocell made with eucalyptus tree fiber and a recycled polyester ripstop. Perhaps best of all is, if your kicks get muddy, you can remove the laces and insoles, toss them in a laundry bag and let your machine do the scrubbing. 


Nature has been inspiring writers for over 1,000 years, so it’s common sense that the pages on which you make your notes should respect that very source of inspiration. Whether you’re a regular Wordsworth-loving poet or someone who likes to jot down the plant species you spot on your outdoor jaunts, Moleskin delivers notebooks constructed with FSC-certified paper that lets your creativity rather than eco-anxiety run wild. Pick one of their hardcovered classics or opt for a 3 month Smiley®Planner for extra flourish and fun. 


Puddle jumpers unite during this month known for its rain showers. Moisture is no match for the gray day specialists over at Hunter, the Scottish-born waterproof brand founded in 1856 to keep feet of all sizes bone-dry. Extra-high sloshers like the Women’s Original Tall Travel Boot, city-inspired Men’s Chelsea Commando Boots and the Big Kids Original Hunter are all forest-friendly creations fit for every member of your brood. Made with FSC-certified natural rubber and a generous dose of stylish design, function, fashion and environmental-friendliness come together in each pair.

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