Flex Your Green Muscle

January 2024

Man trailing running through a green forest

We love the holidays, but after a few too many festive drinks, rich meals and enough chocolate to make Willy Wonka jealous, we’re ready for a change of pace, and a quickened one at that.

After all the December 31st glasses of champagne are finished, many people shift into the “New Year, New Me” mode. And when it comes to resolutions, a whopping 48% of them are about improving fitness. To keep your active-inclined mind in step with environmental respect, we’ve put together some of our favourite sport-forward FSC-certified products.


Whether you are new to cresting waves or they’re like your second home, the Patagonia Yulex Water Heater Hooded Vest will keep you as warm as you can be in cooler marine conditions. Designed with 85% FSC-certified natural rubber to fit snuggly under your wetsuit, the thermal hood is partially made with fast-drying recycled polyester and spandex.  

Getting your heart rate up should also be good for the sole(s). Your feet will be thrilled to slip into a pair of these Allbirds’ Men’s Tree Flyer sustainable shoes that pledge to bring the fun to any run. This extra-springy pair—thanks to FSC-certified Tencel and Swift Foam—provides full-on support and stability so you can push your kilometre count to the limit while also staying comfy.  

A trip to the gym without some good listening seems like ordering a post-workout pizza without cheese: what’s the point? To keep your tunes or podcast in your ears and out of the way during your reps, opt for House of Marley’s Smile Jamaica Wireless Earphones built with a simple back-of-the-neck cable design. This pair is made with 99% post-consumer materials, so what goes into your ears has kept materials from going to landfill, too. 

For all the tall yogis out there, Lululemon had you in mind when they designed The Big Mat. There’s no need to fear going off-mat thanks to this one’s extra length and width. It doesn’t compromise in the style department either, with a cool-coloured marble design that includes a grippy texture, so sweat stays on your body and out of your thoughts. 

When you’re a busy student, it can feel like you just started your January classes and the next thing you know, it’s midterms. It’s hard to keep up with physical activity goals amidst scholastic chaos, which is why Moleskine’s 12-month academic planner may just become your new BFF. Along with helping manage your schedule, team projects and goals, its pages – made with FSC-certified paper – will let you slot in dedicated exercise time so you can go back to your studies with a cleared head. 

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