A Green Day of At-Home Wellness

October 2023

Grey fall days are synonymous with curling up in your living and spending some time giving yourself a little extra care. Beyond your go-to face mask and herbal tea, caring for yourself can also mean caring for the earth. 

The wellness industry is worth over $4 trillion, so there are plenty of products constantly vying for your attention. To help you navigate the noise, we’ve put together some of our favourite FSC-certified products that will have you covered, from head to toe.


When you want a high-quality sound without getting all tied up in in wires, the Smile Jamaica Wireless Headphones will keep your calming tunes or guided meditation rolling without interruptions. Made with FSC-certified wood and recyclable aluminium, you can feel good about what went into them too, and their lightweight design might just make you forget that they’re there. 

If a stroll is your calming go-to, then slip into a pair of Allbirds Men’s Tree Skippers. These are the sustainable shoes that you can walk around in worry-free since their carbon-neutral breathable design minimizes emissions and sweat, all in one fell swoop. This means you can keep your attention on the brightly coloured leaves and crisp breezes. 

There’s nothing quite like a big comfy armchair to sink into for some extra cozy me time. Whether you’re looking to dive into the novel you’re currently obsessed with or let your mind chill out with a colouring book, the Gather Deep Leather Chair from Crate & Barrel is a worthy FSC-certified chair. Its toffee colour’s richness is matched only by the Italian leather’s softness, and the whole piece is screened for more than 10,000 chemicals to keep your home’s air quality safe. 

Made with a little extra cushion on the bottom, Lululemon’s Mat 5mm is the perfect pairing for all the yoga, stretching or just plain keeping still that’s on your schedule. Flip it over if you’re in need of some extra grip and don’t worry about breaking a sweat—they use an anti-microbial additive that keeps mould and mildew at bay. 

Self-care isn’t always about indulgence, sometimes it’s actually about going back to basics and rethinking daily habits. When it comes to the personal hygiene tool we use every day, there’s a better way than disposable plastic, and the Biodegradable Toothbrush from The Future is Bamboo is a great alternative. Made with BPA-free soft bristles and the option of going rainbow-coloured, here’s something to smile about at the end of this you-centric day. 

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